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An Interview with an Indian Tamil

on October 5, 2013

Just recently, I had the opportunity to meet an intriguing man who has found me from this blog and contacted me through Facebook. 

He invited me to his house for lunch in Seoul where he served me parota and chicken curry. 

Chicken Curry, Southern Indian Style

Chicken Curry, Southern Indian Style


Parota, a Southern Indian Type Bread

Parota, a Southern Indian Type Bread

DSC_0180A traditional southern Indian food he made from scratch.  It really made me miss Sri Lanka more.  In just over a month now, I will be eating all the rice and curry I can eat. 

Next, we talked about his hometown in Tamil Nadu.  Amazingly they only make US$2 or less a day.  I was then told that he already has two masters’ degrees and is now getting his PhD in Molecule Biology and plans to graduate next year.  He has definitely come a long way.  With Tamil being his first language, I was quite surprised how articulate he was in English.

He then went on to say how he illegally road a boat from this providence to Jaffna.  Not just once, but twice he took the trip.  He went on to say that, the trip took only 20 minutes and there were many islands that you could almost walk across to get from India to Sri Lanka.  “The Sri Lankan Navy is always on the lookout for people who try to cross.  You are very likely to be killed”, he said. 

The Area he Crossed from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka

The Area he Crossed from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka



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  1. Mahinthan So says:

    I think it is parada
    Actually it is a north Indian food.


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