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32 days to go!

on October 10, 2013
Sri Lanka - Galle

Sri Lanka – Galle (Photo credit: iris0327)

In exactly 32 days I will be embarking on my adventure.  So much still needs to be done but I am getting more and more excited each day.   Here is a video that tells a lot what Sri Lanka is like.  Can you name all the places in it?  I can and have been to all of them.  Can’t wait to see of them again on my 20 year anniversary from when I graduated from high school in paradise. Who will be joining me during my journey?

One response to “32 days to go!

  1. Anna says:

    I am so excited for you! Must feel great to be going back so soon. Watched the video, it made my heart fill up with wonderful memories 🙂 Sri Lanka is truly amazing.


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