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To Do List for Trip

on October 14, 2013

I have added my to do list in case you are interested.  Let me know if you think I should add anything.  The ones I have crossed off, I have already done.  Can you say 29 days to go!

                  1.      Register at

                  2.      Call health insurance company

                  3.      Get shots

                  4.      Unlock phones

                  5.      Contact newspaper companies in Sri Lanka

                  6.      Make appointment with my high school

                  7.      Get permission to visit national parks

                  8.      Contact magazine companies in Korea

                  9.      Inform Lonely Planet

                 10.  Get glasses

                 12.  Order from REI

                       13.  Contact blogs in Korea

                 14.  Apply for a credit card

                 15.  New business cards

                 16.  Contact tour companies in Sri Lanka

                      17.  Upload pictures to categories

                 18.  Contact American Embassy

                 19.      Get visas

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