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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka: Reflecting back on some of my favorite activities

1.    Climb Sri Pada, to see where Buddha left his footprint

2.    Remote beaches

Fisherman at Bentota Beach in 1991

Fisherman at Bentota Beach in 1991

3.    Safari’s with elephant sightings

4.    Join the Perahera.  A parade of a hundred elephants

Colombo Perahera in 1992

Colombo Perahera in 1992

5.    Feed the baby elephants in a daily ritual at the elephant orphanage

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in 1988

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in 1988

6.    Visit 5th century temples

7.    Visit World’s End where you can view the southern coast on a clear day.  The cliff height is about 270 meters straight down

View from the top of Adam's Peak (Sri Pada), 1992

View from the top of Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada), 1992

8.    Best tea in the world

9.    It’s always summer except in the hill country where you can breathe fresh, clean air

10.Some of the friendliest people on earth

Dikoya, 1992

Dikoya, 1992

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Family Road Trip to the Cultural Triangle

On December 17, 1988 when school had just ended for the summer vacation, we decided to do a road trip of the Cultural Triangle.  This trip was quite risky as the LTTE has just bombed some buses close to the areas we would be visiting.  With my dad as the driver and my mom as the tour guide, my sister and I sat in the back seat and relaxed.  My mom did not want to miss this opportunity to see 1st century Buddhist temples.

Map of the Cultural Triangle

Map of the Cultural Triangle

The first stop on this trip was the Dambulla Cave Temple.

DSC_0009 (6) DSC_0959 (5) DSC_0965 (5) DSC_0966 (5) DSC_0981 (5)

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How Old is Sri Lanka?

If you had a chance to take my poll last week on How Old is Sri Lanka, then I am sure you are waiting for the correct answer.  The correct answer is #1.  According to my research, stone objects were found that dated back to 500,000 BC.  Please have a look at my presentation for more details.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Sri Lanka soon.

Growing up White in South Asia

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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