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Some of my posts on this blog will soon be moved to Doria TravelsDoria Travels will be my blog where I will be giving you first hand experience from all of my travels from around the world.  Beautiful Eye will be just snippets of the book that will be published.  Please follow Doria Travels for the latest and greatest tips on different countries.



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Afternoon Tea at the Mount Lavinia Hotel


mount_lavinia_hotel_sunset (Photo credit: Chonil Weerawansa)

22x20px|border Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia Hotel ...

22x20px|border Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia Hotel

Today I am blogging from the famous Mount Lavinia Hotel.  This amazing white building was built by a British governor in 1805 to be his house.  This governor fell in love with a local lady here and named this mansion after her.  The beach here is spectacular, bit it is not recommended to swim here due to the strong current.  This beach is just a 10 minute ride from the Fort Railway Station and costs US$0.38.  This area is great for a quick get away from Colombo.

The governor's palace, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

The governor’s palace, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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